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About Us and Our Love of Dogs

A message from Founder/Owner, Steven Hughes.

I started NYC Pet Nannies 7 years ago when I first moved to NYC from my home of Santa Cruz, California.   As a child dogs were always a part of my life.   I grew up in the mountain area that separates the coastal communities of Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Carmel from the bustling high tech region of Silicon Valley.   My family built a large “dome home” in the mountains just outside of an extinct ghost town known as Glenwood.  We had horses, dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, rabbits, birds, a Chinchilla, and a Raccoon (yes, at one point, it was legal to have raccoons as pets in CA).  Since our closest neighbor was many miles away, as a young child, my pets and the critters of the forrest were my main source of companionship.  The friendships I made with these animals was a bond that, to this day, has yet to be replicated with another human.

As part of my 4-H and Boy Scouting experiences I learned how to train and work with animals.   I also learned invaluable life lessons from my furry four legged palls.  Even though I’ve traveled around the world, I still find the greatest satisfaction and happiness when interacting with those of the Animal Kingdom.

Moving to the City 8 years ago, I realized that owning a dog could prove to be far too challenging, as city life is constantly evolving and it is not in a dog’s nature to constantly be changing it’s home environment.   So instead, I decided to take care of other people’s pets.   It has been a truly rewarding choice and even though I’m sad when a dog’s owner moves away, It’s such a joy to have been able to make so many puppy friends here in the cement jungle.

My clients expect a certain standard of service from NYC Pet Nannies.  It’s my number one priority to insure that each walker has had a thorough background check, a strong work ethic, and an ability to safely walk dogs in the city.   In addition to being fully bonded and insured,  my new “training program” allows our prospective walkers an opportunity to learn the required dog walking and pet care skills, as well as giving me the opportunity to evaluate their work before actually entrusting them with a client’s pet.

I’m an avid follower of the dog whisperer, Ceasar Milan, and his training techniques.  But, I have also learned many other techniques for dog handling throughout the years.  Many of the dogs we currently walk have very specific and sometimes special needs, so I train all my walkers to treat each dog as an individual, and we follow each individual clients techniques to reinforce good behavior.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming a dog walker.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me.  With our expanded marketing programs, your referrals are greatly appreciated.  Our excellent customer service and affordable rates keep NYC Pet Nannies moving everyday closer to it’s goal of one day insuring that all 1.4 million dogs that live in NYC have at least one daily walk.

Thanks again for choosing NYC Pet Nannies

Steven Hughes


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