Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with Pet sitting services?

A short evening walk and a short morning walk.  Dinner, and breakfast service, according to your instructions, using only food and snacks provided by yourself.  Any other walks  (for example a  long mid day walk) would have to be purchased separately or pulled from your already purchased program.

What is the difference between dog sitting, boarding or house sitting?

We offer all of our registered clients dog sitting services for an additional fee.  You can choose to have one of our dog sitters take care of your dog in their home.  Or, you can choose to have the sitter stay at your home (this is the most effective way to minimize what can be an emotionally traumatic time for a pet).  Non-registered clients will have to pay a registration fee in order to use our pet sitting services.

Will NYC Pet Nannies help with my dog’s obedience training?

There are a number of ways in which to train a dog to be obedient and thus keep them even more safe by insuring they are always in control.  At NYC Pet Nannies, we strive to follow your established training regimen and thus reinforce your chosen training methods this includes attempting to use all vocal commands and hand signals that your pet is familiar with.  Since we are not dog trainers our walkers will only strive to adhere to your requests, but can not be expected to use harsh correction methods or fix any behavioral issues your dog may be experiencing.  For dog training, we recommend you visit our “Friends” page for a list of recommended dog trainers here in NYC.

Why aren’t NYC Pet Nannies “licensed” in addition to Insured and Bonded?

There is currently no licensing organization overseeing dog walkers or pet sitters.  Dog walking companies that advertise they have licensed walkers are simply not being truthful.   Eventually, NYC Pet Nannies hopes to create the first licensing process for dog walkers.

How do I know my NYC Pet Nannies walker is qualified?

Before being hired at NYC Pet Nannies all potential dog walkers are put through our 25 hour training program. This hands on training insures that all of our walkers understand basic principals of dog handling.  Not everyone who wants to be a dog walker has the ability to meet our standard of service.  If a trainee does not show promise during the training period they are not hired by NYC Pet Nannies.  Our number one priority is for the safety of your pet.  Our walkers are trained in a variety of “safe walking” protocols to insure that (while in our care) your pet never suffers any injury or emotional trauma.

What are “safe walking” protocols?

At NYC Pet Nannies your pet’s safety is our number one concern.  Here is a list of some of the many techniques we use to insure a safe and stress free walk while in our care

  1. Dogs are never walked with more than 3 or 4 dogs at a time, and only when it is deemed that all those dogs walking together are friendly and will enjoy the other dogs during their walks
  2. Dogs are never allowed to approach other dogs while walking unless the walker of the other dogs indicates that it’s safe to approach, and your dog is displaying interest and enthusiasm for this type of interaction.
  3. Our walkers constantly scan for dangerous situations, animals, cars, bicycles, etc. that might be potential for injury or trauma.
  4. Our walkers are not allowed to use cell phones when walking your dog, or any of our client’s pets.
  5. Proper leashes and collars are used at all times.  To insure the safety of our dogs and the safety of all others, we never use leashes that are more than 6 feet in length.

How do I pay for my walks?

Paying for services from NYC Pet Nannies is a simple online proccess, Once you are a client you will use your username and password to access our online store.  Here you can purchase any of our services much like any other purchases you might make on the Internet.  If you choose, your CC info can be securely stored, so you can purchase with one click.  Your receipt is emailed directly to you upon approval.  Your Walking card is automatically credited, thus insuring you are never without a walk

What if my dog walker goes on vacation?

You never have to worry when you use NYC Pet Nannies as your dog walking service.  If your dog walker is not available due to illness, vacation or any other reason we guarantee your dog will be walked.  If for any reason we fail to meet this guarantee, you’ll receive a week of dog walks added to any walks you have purchased.  We can make this guarantee because of the unique system we have in place that utilizes a staff of “supervisor” dog walkers.  These supervisor level (again unique to NYC Pet Nannies) insures that all dogs are walked at their scheduled times by providing that second and/or third level of coverage when your regular walker has an emergency or is otherwise unavailable.

What if I go on vacation or need to adjust my scheduled walks?

Using your Username and Password, you can access the online schedule 24/7 and make adjustment to your walking schedule easily and efficiently.  Cancel scheduled walks, or add additional evening, or weekend walks with our simple online scheduler.  A copy of your scheduled walks can be emailed to you, so you can see all of your scheduled walks at a glance.  If for some reason you are unable to make an online schedule change on your own, you can always call our toll free number 855-Pet-Nany and one of our office assistants will be happy to help you attend to all your scheduling needs.

What if my pet becomes sick while in the care of a NYC Pet Nanny?

We use a unique report card system that informs you (the primary care giver) of your dogs behavioral issues, stool quality, and any other useful observations that your dog walker may find note-worthy.   If a serious issue, regarding your dogs health is observed such as; heartworm, fleas, or aggressive behavior, you will be notified immediately of the condition and advised on some potential treatments to remedy the situation.  Should the issues fail to be addressed in a timely fashion, your dog may risk expulsion from our dog walking program or if deemed vital to the dogs health, your dog walker may consult a vet (at your expense) in order to address the condition.

Why choose NYC Pet Nanny and not a local neighborhood walker?

Our walkers are all local to Manhattan.  By working with NYC Pet Nannies, you are guaranteed peace of mind.  If for some reason your dog walker is sick or unable to walk your dog, an insured & bonded walker that will fill in at a moments notice.  This may include the owner and/or supervisors for your area.  A missed walk can set into motion behavioral problems that can amount to furniture damage, carpet staining, or other accidental un-pleasantries.  At NYC Pet Nannies you’ll receive a FREE week of service should your dog walker ever fail to show-up  for a walk (or show-up more than 2 hours from scheduled walking appt.).

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, We are currently bonded and insured by Kennel Pro.  The nations largest petsitting and dogwalking insurance provider.

Do you have references?

Yes, we can provide you with a list upon request.

Do I have to sign a contract for pet services?

Yes, we need a signed statement that you agree to let us into your home to care for your animals and that you are aware of and agree to our policies/procedures.

Do you charge for the initial Dog Walking / Cat Sitting consultation?

There is a $50 registration fee for all pets in our care.  This fee covers the cost of the initial consultation. As well as the registration and the production of your Membership ID card.

How and when do I pay for services rendered?

We accept all forms of payment, including all major credit cards, cash or check.  Payment is always required in advance of service and can most easily be made via our auto-pay feature or through our secure online Credit Card processing.

How much notice of cancellation do you need?

24 hours notice for cancellation would be ideal. Because of our sophisticated online scheduling software, you can often cancel a walk as late as an hour before and still avoid being charged for the walk.  However, to guarantee not being charged for the walk, 12 hours notice is usually required.  If the walker shows up at your home and the walk was not cancelled with the required 12 hours notice, then you will be charged for the walk.

If my schedule changes weekly how should I let you know?

Our state of the art online scheduling software allows you to make changes to your dogs scheduled walks with the click of the mouse.  Once you are a registered client, you can add walks, cancel scheduled walks, pay for services, and update your pets profile information all from computer with internet access.  We are the only dog walking service in the country to offer such amazing flexibility for our clients.

Will my dog be walked alone or with other dogs?

Dogs will only be walked with other dogs after supervised interactions clearly indicate “dog compatibility”. That being said, we find the interactions of dogs walking together to be more natural for dogs than walking alone.  Your dog’s safety is absolutely our highest priority, and to that end, none of our walkers walk more than 3-4 dogs at a time, and all walkers are trained with “safety first” training to insure they can easily control 4 dogs without incident.

Will the same person walk my dog every day?

Because we guarantee our walkers are available to walk your dog 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.  We, understandably, cannot guarantee that it will always be the same walker.  However, you will be assigned a regular walker who is covered by their supervisor, who is covered by the owner, should sickness, injury, or vacation schedule deem the regular walker unable to walk one day.  Regular notations that are stored in your dogs online profile, allow all team members to be aware of any special needs, or behavioral issues that any substitute walker would need to know in order to successfully cover a sick or unavailable walker’s route.

Will my dog be walked during temperatures extremes?

Yes. This is decided case by case and depends on the owners request. Some dogs love the rain! If the weather prevents your dog from wanting to be outside we can assure a bathroom walk and some good quality time playing indoors for the rest of the visit.

What time will you visit my pets?

You pick select the exact time of day that you want your walks to occur.  We garauntee that your walker will be there within 30 minutes of that time.  If you request 2pm start time, your walker will be there between 1:30pm and 2:30pm to begin your pet’s walk.


Why do I have to book a sitter for my dog while I’m away?

It is NYC Pet Nannies mission to provide excellent care for all NYC Pets.  Besides the obvious safety risks of leaving a dog unattended overnight, there are other concerns.  Dogs are pack animals, and their human companions are a part of what gives them peace of mind and keeps them happy.  They can develop psychological issues when left unattended for too lengthy a period.  Also, servicing the very early and late evening services requires extra time and effort on the part of the Nanny when they are not together (commute time, etc).  In order to compensate the Nanny’s appropriately the overnight service must be included.  Of course there are exceptions, and you can always call and speak with us directly about your specific needs.  We can then determine if there is a way to make your unique service work.