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Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Rates

A Long walk is an exercise walk.  Lasting 60 minutes, and can include time at a park or dog-run.

A Short walk is more or less a bathroom break. Lasting 30 minutes.

A Longer walk can be achieved by combining the above services.  75-90 minutes (recommended for working & herding breeds)

Short Walks (30 minutes):

1 to 2 x per week, $25+tx per walk

3 to 4 x per week, $20+tx per walk

5 x or more per week, $18.00+tx per walk (most popular)

Long Walks (60 minutes):

1  to 2 x per week, $30+tx per walk

3 to 4  x per week, $27.50+tx per walk

5 x or more per week, $25+tx per walk (most popular)

Pet Sittings:

A single Overnight Stay at your home, $35+tx per night*

A single Overnight Stay at a Pet Nanny’s home, $25+tx per night*

*Our sittings are designed to give you and your pup the best total experience possible.  In addition to the Overnight Stay fee, we require minimal short walks and/or long walks (depending on dog breed) be combined with the Overnight Stay.  Usually at least 2 but more often 3-4 walks per day.  This brings the total cost including all outings to roughly $65+tx – $95+tx per 24 hour period (depending on number of services used).


Additional Services that can be added to the above basic services:

Weekend, or after hours (before 11am or after 6pm) fee – $5.00 additional

2nd Pet from the same household $10 additional for long walks and $5 additional for short walks

3rd Pet from the same household $5 additional for long or short walks

Private walk, means your dog will not walk with any other dogs during his time with your Pet Nanny $10 additional for the Long walk and $5 additional for the short walk.

feedings $2.50 additional

Medicine administration $2.50 additional

Dog Brushing $3.00 additional

Nail trimming $20 additional

Late payment fee for any declined payments $10

Bookings made with less than 36 hours notice are subject to $5 surcharge

*all rates quoted are subject to NY sales tax



***Upon Enrollment, you will receive: 

  • One magnetized QR code per household, essential for tracking walks and communicating with Pet owners
  • A Consultation with the owner or supervisor, prior to your dogs first walk
  • Tailor-made program that adheres to any and all of your pet care requirements
  • All enrolled pets are eligible for Pet sitting services (see above fee schedule)
  • There is a $25 replacement fee for lost QR codes
  • Walks cannot be serviced For Dogs that do not have an over-night care-giver, Sitting service fees will apply

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