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Kate S. ♥♥♥♥♥

I used NYC Pet Nannies for several weeks. One of our dogs had just had surgery, which meant that our younger dog wasn’t getting enough exercise.

With one exception (a new walker took him to the dog run, which we weren’t excited about, and Steve immediately corrected it), they were attentive, detail-oriented, and responsible. We’re usually hesitant to leave our pets in anyone’s care, but found that this service worked great for us.  Steve, Alexandra, and their whole team were really terrific for the month we used them.

Matthew P. ♥♥♥♥♥

NYC Pet Nannies really saved our bacon.  We fostered a Puppy from Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue and needed a Dog Walker for 2 weeks ASAP.  We emailed them, Alexandra came by our apt *THAT NIGHT* to meet the dogs and get the keys (they took our keys and made copies for us for a small fee).  They were great walking our foster dog and our other dog. They did a great job and really helped us out of a tough spot.

Jennifer M. ♥♥♥♥♥

I have been a client of NYC Pet Nannies for a few months now and I can say with full confidence that I am very pleased with their service.  The best part is having piece of mind that my puppy, Bennie, is in good hands while I am at work, and I receive alerts and updates with each appointment, which is unique compared to most other dog walking services.  Steve, Alexandra and my walker, Robin, have been nothing but wonderful – accomodating, flexible and completely professional.  They are dog lovers, yes, but more than that they take the time to understand my dog’s personality, needs and do their best to accommodate that.  The team has also been very flexible and accommodating to my needs as well (i.e. last minute appointments and schedule changes)!  I highly recommend NYC Pet Nannies to anyone looking for a trustworthy, reliable and professional dog walking service

Kathryn S. ♥♥♥♥♥

NYC Pet Nannies is an AMAZING service. I have been using the Pet Nannies service for over a year and they have never let me down in fact they consistently go above and beyond! My little ball of fur is near and dear to my heart and I hardly trust my own father to watch her but NYC pet nannies put me at ease. I have recommended them to over 5 of my dog loving/owning friends and family!

Galina E. ♥♥♥♥♥

My boyfriend and I have had our corgi for nearly four years — and for most of that time, we have searched for a reliable, professional dog walker who loves our dog (almost) as much as we do.

Thankfully, that search came to an end in September, when on the recommendation of my sister (who has two Frenchies), we signed up with NYC Pet Nannies.

Here’s what makes this company such a standout, especially when compared to the half dozen or so others we tried:

1) The bar code system. Walkers “check in” via scanner when they arrive and when they leave, so you not only have confirmation that your dog has, indeed, been walked, but the length of the visit. (You can also view on a map where, exactly, your dog went on his walk.)

2) Daily walk reports. We get an email update after every single walk letting us know — in detail — how our dog fared, both physically and emotionally, as well as whether there were any dog encounters, if they played fetch, if there was a change of walker, etc.

3) Thoughtful communication. The owner, Steve, is incredibly proactive. For example, he sends out email reminders about upcoming holidays for which owners may want to cancel walks, so you do not wake up on Presidents’ Day and think, “Oh, no — forgot to cancel the dog walker!”

4) Flexibility. We have cancelled appointments as late as four hours before the start time, due to extreme circumstances, and Steve is always understanding and accommodating.

5) Easy billing. You do not need to leave cash, or pay a week in advance, or any of the other inconvenient payment methods other companies employ. Instead, you give a credit card, and every Sunday your payment is accurately processed and a receipt is emailed.

These, of course, are technical details. What makes me most thrilled about NYC Pet Nannies is that my dog has thrived under their care, and I recommend the company without reservation.

Courtney A. ♥♥♥♥♥

When my husband and I adopted our first dog in NYC, the adoption agency recommended NYC Pet Nannies and we could not be happier! NYC Pet Nannies has been absolutely amazing! They are reasonably priced for dog walking in Manhattan and are always willing to accommodate last minute walks and feedings. They are so kind and make our life so much easier. I can always count on them and recommend them to all of our friends!

Brad A. ♥♥♥♥♥

Steve and his whole crew are nothing short of fantastic. Steve came into our lives a year ago and has been an absolute godsend. My wife and I wondered if we would be able to afford a dog in NYC, especially since we absolutely needed a dog walker in the middle of the day. Steve’s prices are beyond reasonable and the service he provides is exceptional. We always get emails discussing each and every walk, which is something I look forward to every day. Steve is also SO great about helping out with any last minute requests. He even set up a last minute walk for me while he was in the UK on vacation!

I recommend NYC Pet Nannies to everyone that I know!

Alexis R. ♥♥♥♥♥

Steve and his team are absolutely amazing! Daniel was our walker and extremely reliable and helpful in getting out new puppy to go outside. They were always flexible and trustworthy. I would recommend them to everyone! The notes at the end of each walk really put my mind at ease and helped me get a sense of where my puppy was in her training. Their prices were great too! I couldn’t have done it without them.

Caroline H.♥♥♥♥♥

Hey cat folks! Pet Nannies also does cat visits, and I can testify after my first experience with the service that when I came back from six days away I found one happy Kitty (that’s her name, actually). I was lucky enough to have Daniel Tsykhorskyi as the sitter. He came in every day, did food and the litter box and played with her for a half hour. Sometimes with other sitters when I got home she’s been, well, needy. Last night she greeted me nicely, and was calm and playful. Everything in the house was just as I left it, and the daily messages about the visits were a treat. You cat folks know that It’s so much better to leave a cat in its own environment than to put it in a kennel. I’m very relieved to have found Pet Nannies and couldn’t recommend the service more highly.

m p. ♥♥♥♥♥

i love pet nannies steve and his team are the best we had a very diffIcult rescue puppy on our hands and pet nannies came to the rescue. following our training and routine and making us feel so good with detailed notes about her walks and behavior. they are LIFESAVERS not only with time but also trustworthy, loving, compassionate and communicative. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!

Heather F.♥♥♥♥♥

NYC Pet Nannies is the best thing that ever happened to me and my pup! Steve honestly could not be nicer and I love all of the walkers I’ve had (as does my dog!). As a new dog parent it’s just awesome to be able to get an email telling me when my dog is picked up and then when she’s dropped off- with notes (which are so cute they make me smile every day!) I never check where they’ve walked but I love that I can if I want to. Steve and his crew are super accommodating and up front about everything. Love them so much!

Philip M.♥♥♥♥♥

Never have I felt so relaxed about leaving my dog to someone else when I left town!
Steve is the best. From the first consultation where he met my dog, he showed not only confidence in handling dogs (I have a BIG pit-mix) but also a true love for them. The electronic check-in system is what really wowed me. I was sent an email every time my dog was walked along with notes on how he was doing. I have had other dog walked skimp and even bail on me while I was out of town. Having these emails sent gave me the greatest peace of mind.

I will definitely continue to use this service, and have already told several dog-owning neighbors.

Jana P.♥♥♥♥♥

I only trust Pet Nannies !!! My life has become so much easier when I started using this service. No one has been so great with my yorkie and with the GPS system i can see exactly where they are. By far the most dependable and accurate service I have ever experienced! I highly recommend Nyc pet nannies for anyone that is looking for reliable and professional service!

Nancy C.♥♥♥♥♥

NYC Pet Nannies saved my vacation! I needed to travel with Tango and didn’t know what he was going to do during the day. NYC Pet Nannies saved they day. They were flexible and fit us right into their schedule. Tango was always in good spirits when I got back. I think he got to see more of NYC than I did! I can never thank you enough Pet Nannies.

Gen S.♥♥♥♥♥

I travel a lot and Pet Nannies is a life savior! The only service in NYC I can trust. I can change the timing of walks online according to the weather forecast. I can check when and where my dog is being walked. I can get a last minute service anytime. The walkers are very nice and follow all the instructions. This is a very convenient and affordable service. It made my life easier.

Wilma K.♥♥♥♥♥

NYC Pet Nannies is AWESOME!!!! I love the internet scheduling and payment, and the fact that I can locate my dog at anytime just by making a phone call. I tend to be a worrier, and the excellent service that NYC Pet Nannies provides has put me at complete ease with this part of my dog’s life. If you are looking for the best, look no further. They are also more affordable than many services here in NYC. Being a Dog owner in the city can be expensive (I had no idea) but this valuable service makes the difference in my dogs behavior, everyday. It’s amazing what a good walk can do.




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